How to Look more Mature vs. Youthful (Part II: Youthful Look)

As a continuation to of my dual-post on how to look more mature vs. youthful, here is the second part on how to appear more youthful (you can see the first part on how to look more mature here).


Right: Mature look from previous post / Left: youthful look on which this post is based

*Youthful Look*

Youthful usually means lighthearted, carefree, free-spirited, or a bit of la-vie-boheme.  There are days when you just want to feel more youthful because you’ve had a long week and feel weighed down by the stress…we’ve all been there. So here are some tips to create this look…

  • Occasion: casual settings where you still want to look put together, like brunch/shopping with friends, picnics, date night at a casual place
  • Overall theme: dewy, soft, rosy/peachy
  • Foundation: use something more brightening/dewy. BB/CC cream or cushion compacts usually do the job.  I really recommend Missha’s BB cushion compact for a dewy look, it’s also great for touch ups
  • Highlighting/Contouring/Strobing: moderate highlighting and minimal contouring.  Contouring gives off a more aged look, whereas a brighter complexion is more youthful looking (but don’t go overboard or your complexion will look oily).  I use Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick for highlighting
  • Blush: use pinky, rosy, or peachy tones. These colors are more playful. You can gently apply the blush in a circular motion to look more like a natural glow.  Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush offers a good range of peachy/rosy tones and has great pigment payoff.
  • Eye-shadow: something with a peach or pink undertone usually works well. Stay away from dark makeup as they tend to make you look older. A little bit of shimmer is ok, but not over the top glittery…that just screams costume party.  My goto palette for these shades is the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.  This Naked Palette has more of a rosy undertone that’s suitable for warmer seasons.  It blends well and offers just the right amount of shimmer, looks very natural and elegant – highly recommend!
  • Eyeliner: use a brown liner instead of black, black liners are a bit more serious looking. You can also blur the line a bit as the youthful look is more free-spirited so you don’t need such clean-cut lines.  Stila’s ‘Stay All Day’ Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is my personal favorite.  A good option for pencil liner is LORAC’s PRO Front of the Line Waterproof Eyeliner
  • Eyebrows: go for full, flat eyebrows which tend to create a softer, more amicable look. I recommend using the cult favorite Glossier Boy Brow Gel to achieve this look
  • Lips: pinky, peachy, or violet shades are all good choices.  Lancome launched a lip tint/oil called Juicy Shaker that’s hydrating and non sticky…I like it for spring and summer.  Two-tone lips also go well with a youthful look – check out my prior post on how to create this look or you can buy Benefit’s 2-in-1 They’re Real! Double the Lip lipstick.  It combines both lip-liner and lipstick in a single application – it’s hassle-free and colors blend seamlessly – highly recommend this product!

Here are some other elements besides makeup that help put together a youthful look:


Wearing J.Crew Off-the-Shoulder Chambray Top (sz 2, runs small) 

  • Hair: soft natural curls, beach waves, or braids for added texture
  • Attire: You can wear something with fluid lines like ruffles or asymmetry, floral prints or patterns.  Color-scheme wise, try pastels (pastel shades of pink, blue, and green are in this season), or vibrant colors
  • Accessories: try trendy jewelry (tassels, pom-poms are in), dangle-y earrings, chokers, layering necklaces etc.
  • Overall demeanor: Smile! Smize (smile with your eyes)! Wear an expression that exudes happiness and cheerfulness, they’re key to looking and feeling young.

These are just some general guidelines/hacks to help you switch up your look for the right occasion.  Would love to hear what you guys do to appear more mature or youthful – comment below to share your thoughts!


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